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Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8h-15h | Phone: 1-866-528-2897
Need an air quality test?
Need an air quality test?
Mold Testing2022-06-03T18:55:24+00:00

Mold Testing

When you are in your home or workplace, do you sometimes get a musty smell? Do you feel unwell when you are inside the dwelling? Do you get the feeling that there is something going on that you cannot put your finger on it? If so, you may have a hidden issue with mold.

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When mold testing services come to rescue?

Are you living in Ontario or Quebec and think your home or workplace has a hidden mold issue? If so, you need the services of an Air Quality Testing professional. Our highly skilled and trained professional inspectors have years of education and experience to properly diagnose the issues arising in your home or workspace.

Hiring an Air Quality Testing professional will ensure you know exactly what is causing the problems in your home. Using the latest equipment and testing procedures, we will pinpoint where the issues are, and how to remedy the situation.

The Air Quality Testing professionals look at the problem with various pieces of equipment and testing methods which include air sampling, surface sampling, infrared camera inspections and using various moisture and particle meters.

We use every current piece of technology to make sure we find and correct any mold issues that may be in the home.

air quality testing for mold
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Do you want to know if you have hidden mold in your home?

Need mold testing service?

We provide affordable, fast and professional mold testing services.

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How we can help you?

Choosing Air Quality Professionals is the best way to ensure your home is healthy and safe for you and your family. We offer a “one stop shop” for indoor environmental health. We test, remediate and repair any damages caused by mold. We are fully trained, licensed and use the best equipment to get the job done correctly the first time. We treat your home or business like it was our own. We take pride in providing the best service and products to our clients and make sure they are one hundred percent satisfied with our work.

With over 15 years of experience and ten thousand hours of consulting work completed by our great staff, Air Quality Testing is the premier service for all your mold, asbestos, hazardous gas and odor testing and remediation needs. We have over 25 employees that work to ensure your premises is safe for you.

If you need air quality testing for any type of contaminant, call an Air Quality Testing branch in your area and make an appointment. We are the only company you need to provide all services in one place. Call us first, you will be happy you did.

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Customer stories and reviews

I am pleased with the air quality testing for mold that I received. The company was very professional and the product was delivered quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service.

antonio h

By Antonio H.

I wanted to share my experience with air quality testing for mold. I was looking for a way to get the best air quality testing for mold and I found this great company that had a lot of great reviews. I was able to get a great deal on their service and it was worth every penny. They were very professional and did a great job. Would recommend!

ryan h

By Ryan H.

I have been struggling with allergies for the past few years. I finally decided to get tested for mold and other allergens in my home. came to my house and took samples of the air in my home. They then did a detailed analysis of the air quality in my home, which included looking for mold, dust mites, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens.

kristine h

By Kristine H.


When should I test for mold?2022-03-21T14:51:42+00:00

If you think you have a mold issue inside your dwelling, whether it is in your home or workplace, having your testing done as soon as possible is essential in stopping the spread of mold. Waiting will cause more spread and damage to the premises and in turn create more expense in testing and remediation. Contacting Air Quality Testing right away will be the most cost-effective way to remediate the mold issues if there are any.

Are mold test kits as effective as professional mold testing?2022-03-21T14:51:53+00:00

Seeing that every DIY test kit is different, using them is not an ideal way for you to find out if you have a hidden mold issue. The only reliable and accurate way to know what is happening inside your dwelling is to have a professional properly test for mold using proven methods and equipment. The professionals at Air Quality Testing are fully trained and have years of experience to provide you with the best service, knowledge and results.

How much does professional mold testing cost?2022-03-21T14:52:01+00:00

In much the same way that it is hard to tell a customer how long it will take to provide the testing services, it is equally or more difficult to provide a cost to the customer without having a visual inspection completed. As each situation is different the methods used will be different. From simple surface samples to air sampling of every space will change the cost of the testing dramatically. If we need to use infrared cameras to locate the problem, the cost will rise again. However, using every piece of equipment may not be necessary to locate the issue. That is where our years of experience and training come in to play an important part of the cost process. We do what is necessary to remedy your mold issues.

How long does the mold testing take?2022-03-21T14:52:08+00:00

As each situation is different, the time it takes to complete the testing is different. A simple one room test would be much shorter than a full building sampling that needs every room tested for contaminants.

mold testing
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