Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8h-15h | Phone: 1-866-528-2897
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8h-15h | Phone: 1-866-528-2897
Need an air quality test?
Need an air quality test?
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Air Quality Testing in Ontario & Quebec

Certified air quality experts you can trust.

Certified air quality experts you can trust.

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We will identify all your air quality concerns.

We will identify all your air quality concerns.

Professional environmental and air quality testing services in Ontario since 2005.

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Residential air quality testing

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Commercial air quality testing

Frequently asked questions.

When Should I Test My Home’s Indoor Air Quality?2022-04-13T09:42:00+00:00

You should schedule air quality testing in Montreal if you notice any of the following:

  • Strange odours in your home or building
  • Respiratory symptoms that last longer than two weeks

In addition, you should schedule air quality testing for asbestos and mould if you plan to purchase or sell a new home, break a lease, or need to settle a legal dispute involving health conditions in the workplace.

What Are Volatile Organic Compounds?2022-04-13T09:41:31+00:00

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refer to chemical compounds emitted from motor vehicles, paint, and several other sources. Without proper air circulation, VOCs can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation.

How long does asbestos testing take?2022-03-21T14:11:14+00:00

As mentioned earlier, the scope of testing will determine how long the testing of areas will take. It may be that you only need one sample taken in one room. It could be you are doing a multi-level apartment building renovation where many samples will need to be completed. It all depends on the scope of work being completed. Once the samples are taken and sent to the laboratory, the turnaround time for results are quite quick, requiring 48 hours for the laboratory to get their results. This again depends on the scope of work. Contacting Air Quality Testing to do an inspection is the best way to get an accurate timeline of what is needed.


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How to improve indoor air quality?

You can improve your IAQ with a few straightforward actions. Learn how to improve indoor air quality in this guide full of DIY tips.


Why you should get indoor air quality testing?

Learn the benefits of testing your indoor air and the power this knowledge can give you.


What is indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a measure of pollutants, microbes, allergens, and other substances found within the air of a building.

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